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Here at MontanaBuffaloMeat.com, we feel affordable buffalo meat for the masses is an idea whose time has come. To this point, most bison meat available online has been priced in the $20-$50/lb range, which clearly puts it out of reach for most as a regular part of their diet. At $7.50/lb, our bison meat is not only affordable, its quality is unsurpassed.

In order to keep our prices low, we utilize a bulk purchase model, with meat available in half or whole bison quantities. At approximately 115 pounds of finished meat for a half bison, though, this is a manageable amount for most, and again, if you make it a regular part of your diet you will rapidly find yourself craving more, as evidenced by a high incidence of repeat customers.

MontanaBuffaloMeat.com is the brainchild of long-time Montana outfitters, guides, and wildlife managers Jim Doran and Rob Arnaud. Their outfitting ventures involve many of the West's premier ranches, large properties that embrace sustainable wildlife populations as an asset. Rob's primary outfitting business is Arnaud Outfitting. His bison hunts grew into a partnership with long-time associate Jim Doran, specializing in their bison hunts and harvests, Montana Hunting Company. These have proved enormously popular, and so we've expanded into offering processed bison meat as MontanaBuffaloMeat.com.



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