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Praise from Satisfied Customers


Will Primos, founder of Primos Game Calls;

People that know me know that I eat healthy. That said I want to tell you why my favorite meat is bison. You see bison has 27% more protein than beef and less cholesterol than chicken. Buffalo is also high in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. It’s the protein you need to chase Elk up and down the mountains.

I’ve known the folks that run montanabuffalomeat.com for 11 years. They are the type of people you want as friends. You can trust them to ship you the finest protein there is.


Marie Lockhart; We had our first of it last night.
The New York Strip. WOW!!!!!!!!!
I don't know how far and wide you guys ship, but I will be telling everyone I know about it for next year.
I don't think I've ever had a better steak and I'm not a great steak cook so that's saying something!!!
Thanks for everything!

Dave Keller;

My wife’s family raises registered Angus beef and for years we’d purchased bulk meat from them in halves and quarters. On the recommendation of friends we decided to try buffalo this past year. I have to admit that my wife was reluctant to even try it since she refuses to eat wild game of nearly every variety – particularly red meat. To our surprise, the buffalo we’ve eaten over the past few months stands head and shoulders in quality above any of the beef we ever purchased. The flavor and tenderness are wonderful and we’ve found it so lean that we don’t have to trim it before cooking to avoid having our meal swimming in fat or bursting into flames on the barbeque. Overall, we’ve found our buffalo exceptional to the point that even the “cheap cuts” have had better flavor and have been as tender as many of the “good cuts” from the beef we’ve bought. When the time comes to fill the freezer again you can count on seeing lots of white packages labeled “Bison”.


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